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  • Housecall -  Online virus scan
  • McAfee - great virus site
  • CNET
  • ZNET
  • PC World
  • Office Ergonomics Training  -  good advice about keeping your body safe while working at a computer
  • PC Pitstop - online computer diagnostic tests.

  • The Free Site - my favourite
  • Tucows
  • Nonags
  • Softseek
  • Jumbo



  • The Hunger Site   -  MY FAVOURITE SITE. Just by clicking on a button you can donate a free meal.  Limited to once a day.
  • Vancouver Art Gallery
  • WebCam Central   -  has listings of webcams all over the world.   Check out the Ultimate  taxi.
  • Tom Thomson  - Anyone who thinks they know what happened to Tom Thomson, let me know. 
  • Hamster Dance  -  okay, okay,  I know but it still makes me laugh.
  • The Penguin Dance  -  I want my name written in the snow.
  • Gulf Islands  - paradise on earth 
  • Mayne Island  -  Information about and for the community of Mayne Island (one of my other sites)
  • VetInfo    - Veterinary Medical Information for Dogs and Cats
  • Welcome to How Stuff Works!
  • reference  -  a great source of reference on the internet
  • BBC News | Front Page | front page
  • The New York Times on the Web
  • Sign With Your Baby - this is a really remarkable way to communicate with your hearing baby.
  • Urban Legends - this is the site to check when you get one of those emails about missing children or weird viruses.
  • Auld Selkirk - my hometown. Wonderful old photos
  • Souter Forum - A forum for souters all over the globe.
  • Selkirk Common Riding -   Yearly historical event in my hometown that has taken place for over 700 years
  • Canadian Links - long list of great links from Canada
  • Colloidal Silver - a natural antibiotic that stopped my toothache in a matter of minutes more than once.


    Amnesty International on-line

    Stop Torture

  • (Iamconstantlyaddingtothispagesocheckbackoccasionally)


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