My Roots in Pictures

(second generation)

My mother  c1942

Helene Loga
My beloved mother,  who I think would
have been about 18 in this photograph.
Isn't she beautiful.

James Hogg
I think this photo was taken in about 1945.
I scanned this larger and for the first time
really saw what my father looked like as
as young man.....when I looked behind
the glasses, I can see my own eyes.

James Crawford Hogg and Helene Loga.
This is taken either during their courtship
or shortly after their marriage in Germany.   Perhaps Ahlen.

Helene (Loga) Hogg
in her bookshop.
She loves polka dots.
This is from a newspaper photo. She is smiling at Joey Smallwood who came to sign books.

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