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My Christmas card for 2003


Monica's Obsessions is my personal site which leads to my interests as well as all my work in Cyberspace.

This site includes a short bio, a family photo album, my family tree and links.

It also links to my other pages.

The Hogg Surname Centre is a valuable resource for anyone researching the surname Hogg world wide. It contains genealogical material in the archive section and contains lots more to interest any Hoggs or Hogg researchers out there. I am on the net daily researching and am constantly updating these pages.

Mayne Island, British Columbia provides a glimpse of life on our
precious island. The site includes art, photos, news, events, links
and resources. This site is not only focussed on the visitor but is
primarily for the community of Mayne Island.

My business site Monica Works! contains information about my home based business

NB. If you hold the mouse over the photos at the top of this page, you will see where they link to.



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